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Sylvester Stallone Workout


Sylvester Stallone Workout

What can be said about Sylvester Stallone's physique that hasn't been said. There's barely any need to talk about it since everybody interested in getting in shape has followed his career, grown up with his movies, or already been inspired to get in shape after seeing him on the big screen. After Arnold, nobody has inspired as many people and been as responsible for the growth of the fitness and bodybuilding industries as Stallone. While most action stars before him looked like they would struggle to do a pullup, Stallone and Arnold were displaying physiques never seen before in cinema, they were larger than life and looked like they were carved out of stone. The only competition was with each other, and while Arnold had the edge with size, Stallone most definitely took the honors when it came to definition. The only other place people could see someone this ripped was on a bodybuilding stage. Perhaps this is why we're so interested in the Sylvester Stallone workout.

Stallone has shown the ability and control to change his physique drastically to suit film roles throughout his career -  from the athletic definition he displayed in Rocky III, to an overweight sheriff, to his sheer mass and powerful physique in 2008's Rambo. Now in his mid sixties, he shows he has no plans of slowing down. He is still pushing himself to get in the best shape of his life in each successive role. When you've not only been constantly in shape for the last 35 years, but are one of the pioneers of the fitness industry whose experimentation with training and nutrition has paved the way for every Hollywood star since, you've got something to say that's worth listening to.

We could list pages and pages of all the different Sylvester Stallone Workout routines used over the years if we had access to them, but without the underlying knowledge they're based on we'd still be guessing over the reasons and the timing of all the changes. Wouldn't the underlying principles he uses be useful so we could apply them to our own routines?

Fortunately for us, Sylvester Stallone has written a book combining all his knowledge of training and nutrition he's gained over the last 30 to 40 years. In 'Sly Moves', Stallone lays it all out there in easy to understand terms so we can apply his expertise to our own training and diet. At MovieBody we don't recommend books unless they really deliver, 'Sly Moves' is one of those books. If you can't learn learn something from one of the greatest bodies in movie history, perhaps you just can't learn, period. Buy it, you can put the knowledge into practice immediately, and for the quality information it'd be a bargain at twice the price.

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Here's an example of a training split Stallone used when training with former Mr Olympia Franco Colombu for Rambo II. This was an intense 6 week routine to help him enhance his Rambo shape in record time. Courtesy of Muscle & Fitness

Morning: Chest, back, abs
Afternoon: Shoulders, arms, abs

Morning: Calves, thighs
Afternoon: Rear delts, traps, abs

“Each day we would train, I would change the exercises. I had Sly do extra sets of exercises that were working, and I dropped the ones that weren’t working. And the more results he saw, the harder he trained. I’d say, let’s do three more sets, and he would immediately agree. The workouts got to be really fun, very exciting.”

Franco had Stallone training abs three times every two days, doing 500 reps every ab workout. “We trained four different ab and torso exercises: sit-ups, leg raises, side leg raises, and side bends. We did 50 reps of each, one exercise right after another, and five sets of this cycle. And wait until you see the results. Sly has great abs, intercostals, serratus, everything.”

Celebrity trainer Gunnar Peterson talks to bodybuilding.com about training Sly for The Expendables

Sly training at 64 years old ...



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Sly and Gunnar take you through 5 of the best abs exercises around.

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