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Cam Gigandet Workout

Cam Gigandet Workout

Cam Gigandet Workout Routine

What is it with all these Twilight guys and getting ripped to shreds? He may not have the size of Kellan Lutz, or the popularity of Taylor Lautner (yet), but Cam Gigandet had those two beat when it comes to his ridiculously low level of bodyfat. If you saw 'Never Back Down', you'll know what I mean, it was one of those cases when people forgot about who the hero was and just wanted to know all about the villain (think Terminator, not Karate Kid). His physique made such an impact it probably set him up there with the ever famous
'Brad Pitt Fight Club' physique. Based on the level of conditioning Cam got himself into, it's not surprising, especially since his body didn't look too dissimilar to Brad Pitt in the film.

Did anyone else put down the Doritos with self-disgust after they saw 'Never Back Down'? Probably, but I'm betting most of them picked them back up again by the time the weekend rolled around again. Why? I'm guessing because they didn't have well laid plans they could stick to so as to get those unbelievable abs.

Now here's where you get a second chance, inspired once more but with a clear direction to where you want to be - taking off your shirt in any situation and having girls stop and stare, meanwhile, guys hate your guts for making them feel bad about themselves. Do you want to be a chubby man's man, or do you want to be a ladies man? Exactly!

One of the positive things about aiming for the Cam Gigandet physique is that you don't need to pack on a heap of muscle. The bad? You're going to have to watch your diet and cut out all the bad stuff that you're quite likely eating. As the saying goes - 'Abs are made in the kitchen'.

Cam Gigandet Workout

When we look at Cam's workout, it's a pretty standard routine where he does a bodypart a day, the difference is he did a high amount of reps which will increase the cardiovascular component of the workout, and is not in the rep range that would focus on maximum muscle growth. Unfortunately it seems he didn't work legs which is a no-no, unless you want to be the guy who wears long pants 365. I'm guessing he got in other exercises that worked legs, perhaps all the martial arts training took care of that.

Monday – Chest
3 x 25 push ups
3 x nautilus press (45, 55, 65)
3 x nautilus incline press (55, 65, 70)
3 x pec deck machine (40, 45, 50)

Tuesday – Back
3 x 5 pull ups
3 x seated rows (75, 80, 85)
3 x lat pull downs (85, 90, 95)
3 x t bar rows (50, 55, 60)

Wednesday – Shoulders
3 x Arnold press (35, 35, 35)
3 x lateral raises (15, 15, 15)
3 x front raises (10, 10, 10)

Thursday – Biceps & Triceps
3 x nautilus curl machine (20, 25, 30)
3 x ez curls cable (30, 35, 40)
3 x hammer curls (15, 20, 25)
3 x push downs (50, 55, 60)

Treadmill 45 minutes 65-75% of maximum heart rate.

Sat/Sun off

Rep Range 20-30 reps for all exercises. 

So there it is, the guy keeps plenty active by only having 2 days off training per week and gets a good cardiovascular workout throughout, keeping him lean when performed alongside a good diet plan.

Check Cam out below training with MMA legend Bas Rutten for Never Back Down.

Cam Gigandet Diet

Cam kept it clean and simple when it came to his diet, incorporating high quality protein sources with healthy fats and plenty of vegetables. The main thing to remember is portion control when trying to lose bodyfat, you need to be in a calorie deficit to drop the fat. Keep the protein high from a variety of sources such as lean meats, fish, eggs and a good quality whey protein. Keeping the protein high will help make sure any weight that's lost will be fat and that you don't give up any of your hard earned muscle.

Cam Gigandet Supplements

Ok, so if you want to accelerate your results even more, you can take some targeted supplements that help you with your particular goals. For a Cam Gigandet physique, the focus will be on retaining and even increasing your muscle mass and keeping your metabolism high.

So first off, the best whey protein on the market - Optimum - Gold Standard Whey

Then you'll want to increase energy and focus during your workouts, even when if you're on a calorie deficit. The number one pre-workout around -
MusclePharm Assault
will fit that requirement.

SciVation Xtend
for during your workout and even before for keeping BCAAs high and enhancing blood flow and recovery

And for your health, grab a high quality multivitamin like
Optimum Opti-Men
to fill in those gaps, especially when dieting.

MusclePharm Assault - 32 Servings - Blue Arctic Raspberry  SciVation Xtend - 90 Servings - Raspberry Blue Optimum Opti-Men - 180 Tablets

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