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50 Cent Workout


50 Cent Workout Routine

From the moment we first saw 50 Cent, emerging upside-down shirtless in his first major music video 'In Da Club', we knew this guy was different from most of the other cultivated mainstream artists in the charts. If you were in 'da' club and he bumped you and spilled your drink, you'd be the one apologizing and buying all his friends a round. 50 Cent had an intensity and fearless way about him that can't be manufactured, this was reflected in his solid, no BS physique. Big chest, shoulders, and arms and lean without being ridiculously ripped just for the sake of abs. You know he was someone who just lifted some heavy shit and got it done.

It's hard to believe it's been a decade since he burst on the scene, and despite now being an author, actor, producer, philanthropist and businessman as well as a musician, he still makes the time to put the work in at the gym. Like many of the celebrities on MovieBody, 50 Cent knows that health and fitness is still a priority no matter how busy or successful you are.

He even sacrificed most of his hard earned muscle mass for a film role, showing the dedication to his work that is usually only seen displayed by someone like Christian Bale, who also famously lost an incredible amount of weight for a role. What's more, by the time the photos came out of a gaunt looking 50 Cent, he had already gained back a good percentage of the weight he'd lost. Now of course he's back to the solid 200 or so pounds he's known for due to getting it done in the gym and using quality nutrition.

Want to pack enough muscle mass on your frame that you can get shot 9 times and still come out alive?

50 Cent Workout - Weekly Training Split

Monday: Chest, Shoulders, Triceps

Tuesday: Back, Biceps

Wednesday: Lower Body, HIIT Cardio

Thursday: Chest, Shoulders, Triceps

Friday: Back, Biceps

Saturday: Lower Body, HIIT Cardio

Sunday: Off

Cardio is also an important part of 50 Cent's routine, more often than not he begins the day with intervals on the treadmill before hitting the weights.

50 Cent has recently announce he has a training book called 'Formula 50: A 6-Week Total Body Transformation Plan' in the works. It'll focus on weights, cardio and nutrition, and also address the psychological aspects of a training routine when it comes to the motivation to keep with it and make sure you get the best results possible. We'll have the latest details on the book as it gets closer to release time.

“I am delighted to work with the Penguin Group USA again. I had a strong desire to write this book because is very important to me to help people make positive changes and take charge of their overall health. FORMULA 50 is a radical six week mind-body transformation plan geared to help readers develop mental toughness to achieve optimum results while offering a nutrition component.”

50 Cent taking in his supplements at the gym

50 Cent Workout - Supplements

As you can see above, 50 Cent takes advantage of the benefits of supplementation to increase the results of all his hard work in the gym, and the smart choices he makes with his diet and nutrition. If you're wanting to get in the same sort of shape as 50 Cent, you're going to need to put on some serious muscle while being aware of staying pretty lean at the same time. The choices below are the top products of their category from the biggest and cheapest supplement store in the world - Bodybuilding.com.

No muscle building supplement stack is complete without creatine. Like The Rock, use Con-Cret Creatine for muscular size and strength.

For focus, energy and muscle pump, a pre-workout supplement like the bestselling MusclePharm Assault would be an ideal addition. If this stuff doesn't get you pumped to give 100% in the gym, nothing will.

Of course a high quality whey protein for immediately post workout and other times when you're caught short is essential. You can't go past Optimum - Gold Standard Whey for muscle growth.

Finally SciVation Xtend , take during your workout to maximise training intensity, and promote protein synthesis and recovery.

ProMera Health Con-Cret - 48 Servings - Blue Raspberry  MusclePharm Assault - 32 Servings - Blue Arctic Raspberry     SciVation Xtend - 90 Servings - Watermelon Madness

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